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Entertainment Industry Seminars


    Convergence of Entertainment Production, Creative Concepts and Computer Technology requires that Computer industry Executives learn how the Entertainment Industry works.

    DELTA MAX PRODUCTIONS Seminars Bring the Best of both Industries together in highly-powered, densely focused Seminar Series which has generated wide acclaim.

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Why the Conflict? Fundamentally, it's due to Entertainment's underlying Intellectual Property Basis and Legal Issues   

    Intellectual Property Law and Standards were developed because images, likenesses, and ideas are much easier to steal than hard goods.

        A Xerox copier, scanner, or easily concealed digital camera is often the only tool required for theft of the above.

    Therefore, a great deal of protection has been built into Intellectual Property Law as a protection to Artists and other Talents for holding on to the benefits of their work.

    And, this law structure is so different from the laws in say, the computer industry, that even terminology is affected and different between the Industries.

    Particularly is that true in the Intellectual Property Economic Model and Operations areas. 

         Computer Industry professionals think in terms of Platforms, with hardware attached and software a differentiated and enabling product.

        Entertainment Industry professionals think in terms of Content, with software attached and hardware an undifferentiated generic product.

    Further, "software" and "program" mean entirely different things in each industry.

        Which one is correct?

        Of course, both are.

    So, one of the first tasks of any Seminar Program is to achieve a community of understanding about Intellectual Property and Terms.

    DELTA MAX PRODUCTIONS Professional Entertainment Seminars are world-famed for their concentration on improving that understanding.

    And, with understanding, comes opportunity.


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Computer and Entertainment Industry Communication Conflicts

    Computer companies have personnel and executives who are left-brained, logic-driven, and structured in terms of business management concepts and operations.

    They are usually off-put, and often completed floored by dealing with the right-brained, emotionally-driven, and unstructured executives typically in key positions in the Entertainment companies.

            Communication suffers and joint purposes are hard to define, much less manage jointly or in close agreement.

    Two company executives, one from each industry, involved in a joint venture often find that they have to endure these stereotyped perceptions:

  •     Computer executives tend to think initially that Entertainment people are just "...fantasy-driven Flakes, who make too much money ..."

  •     Entertainment executives tend to think initially that Computer people are just "...Nerds in suits and wingtips, who don't 'get it' ..."

    These attitudes can be overcome by each through knowledge of the other's culture and economics.

            The Technology executives are most often the drivers of the Convergence activity, in search of content alliances to augment and drive their platform sales.

            Thus, they often are the most ready to increase their understanding of the Entertainment Industry, rather than the converse.

    DELTA MAX PRODUCTIONS has designed its Seminars to include and have woven within all topics, the Entertainment Industry and intellectual property constructs accordingly.

        Interestingly, our Seminars often have concentrations of Executives from BOTH Entertainment and Computer Industries.

    Just another example of how we focus on Convergence, of all types and forms.


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    Executive and Professional Seminars

    We offer two comprehensive Executive and Professional Seminars covering areas of interest to top executives involved in Convergence of Technical and Content issues, at organizations outside the Entertainment Industry:

        Each of these intensive Seminars is designed to meld the two cultures of the Platform and Content into a comprehensive picture of the Industry Players and Operations.

       A picture which describes completely the Entertainment Business of today and the role of Theatrical Motion Pictures as its fundamental driver.

       Each of these Seminars is custom designed for the audience in attendance.

       Each has been honed into a fine and complete, and not incidentally, entertaining experience.






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  • The Business of Entertainment, for:

    • Managers and Professionals involved with Entertainment Projects, and

    • Managers and Professionals interfacing with Entertainment companies.

        These immersive Seminars are offered in either 1 or 2 day configurations, depending upon the number of Entertainment Markets the executives are interested in pursuing, and the depth of their current understanding. The Seminar addresses:

  • Motion Pictures

  • Television

  • Home Video

  • Broadcast and Narrowcast

  • Cable

  • Satellite

  • Internet

  • E-Commerce


  • Games and Products

  • Theme Parks and Rides

  • Specialty Venues

    The background history, players, companies, economic models, and market demographics of the theatrical feature film industry "Content Drivers" are discussed extensively.

        Mathematical Breakeven models are presented and applied to current productions and products.

        The executive can quickly understand what makes each market arena strategically different in its approach and operations.

        Current literature discussing these markets is provided and analyzed.

    Note that what a Computer Professional considers as a Media Element, is considered a Market to an Entertainment Professional. 


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  • Motion Pictures Production/Distribution/Exhibition, for:

    • Entertainment Industry Managers and Professionals,

    • Actors, Directors, and Writers, and

    • Computer and other Technical Managers and Professionals.

     The Motion Picture module of the Entertainment Seminar is expanded greatly providing a highly detailed background course for understanding the motion picture business:

  •     History of the Motion Picture Industry,
  •     Operations,
  •     Industry Structure
  •     Production Process and Production Companies,
  •     Distribution Function and Distribution Companies,
  •     Exhibition and Exhibition Companies,
  •     Production Elements and their Contributions:
    •     Writers
    •     Producers
    •     Directors
    •     Talent
    •     Crew
    •     Agents
    •     Unions
    •     Studios
    •     Attorneys
    •     Ancillary Companies
    •     Other Elements
  •     Deals: How they Impact Everything in Hollywood
  •     Breakevens and Project Exploitation
  •     The Future of Entertainment

    Notice that the above topics are oriented towards content and operations, NOT platforms.


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    Seminar Operations

    All of our seminars are presented using high-tech computer generated slides.

        Many examples and videos help illustrate the fine points, and complete handouts are provided.

    The history, culture, operations, players, and project development process are traced from start to today.

    Complete descriptions of all Production, Distribution, and Exhibition functions, economic models, and strategies are developed.

    All of the current and projected markets for theatrical film related products and services are explored in detail.

        The student can see how the entertainment content flow influences the entire Entertainment Industry.

    Advanced Seminar attendees compute Effective Film Rentals, Breakeven Box Office, and optimal deal strategies for film productions.

        Emphasis is on the Industry players, their roles, and their Economic Points of View.

        Film rental market models, using DELTA MAX PRODUCTIONS' exclusive Predictor, and current industry rules of thumb are discussed and illustrated in detail.

    The Net Result is a Crash Course in the Theatrical Filmed Entertainment Industry, unique and unavailable ANY other place in the world.

    If you are in the Industry, or trying to break in, this Seminar is the fastest path to powerful knowledge that exists today.

    Don't take our word for it. Just ask ANYBODY who has taken the course.

    Call their Agent, or their Secretary.



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Seminar Customization Options

    The components of all of our Seminars may be combined to narrow the emphasis to those segments and unique markets in the Entertainment Industry of interest to you.

    If you are a Information Technology Industry company, our Seminars can help you:

        Sell to the Entertainment Industry in a much more professional fashion

        Maintain Executive contacts and dialogues which are meaningful as well as useful to both parties

        Train your personnel on the fascinating Entertainment Industry, and how it works

        Combine the Entertainment Industry training into one or more of your other Seminars or training programs for your people

        Combine the Entertainment Industry training into one or more of DELTA MAX PRODUCTIONS'  many other training Seminars, such as Financial Planning Models.

        Use the Entertainment Industry Seminars as great Prospect/Customer Recruiting Events.

        Combine the Entertainment Industry Seminars with Employee Motivational Events.


    Contact DELTA MAX PRODUCTIONS with your needs and we'll provide you with a tailored seminar, at no extra cost.





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  Key Benefits of our Seminars

    In addition to all the Benefits implied by the information on this page, please note the following particularly nice Benefits:

  •     This is the fastest way to obtain an immersive education on the Entertainment Industry,

  •     The Seminars are lots of fun, as well as enlightening and educational,

  •     We come to your site, eliminating your travel expense and inconvenience,

  •     Yes, occasionally, some of our presenters are celebrities and movie stars.   

  •     The Seminar cost is extremely reasonable for the value of the content delivered.

  •     Movies are FUN, and we enjoy making them MORE FUN through these Professional Seminars.

  •     We offer an unconditional money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with our Seminars

  •         No one has EVER asked for even a penny back for ANY product or service we offer.

  •     We must be doing something right, and we'd like to do it for YOU!






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  DELTA MAX Seminars: Continually Evolving to fit your needs

        The Seminars have been given many times over the past 12 years, and the response has been overwhelming.

               Each seminar's charts and exhibits are updated with the most current data available, and new materials appear in every class.

               Instructors and guest speakers are pros in the business and interesting presenters.

               Please Contact Us to hear more about these and our many other Professional Seminar Programs. 









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