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                      Customer, Prospect, and Employee Motivational Events






     If your company's sales efforts depend upon Sales Seminars, or On-Line Webinars where you present your products and services to groups of executives and buyers:

                      Engage  DELTA MAX PRODUCTIONS to help you provide an exciting and motivating program!

     We can assist you in a number of ways depending upon your needs, budget, and company cultural aspects.


       Our experience as film and video producers and show-business talent and event coordinators can be made available for your use.

     To handle a few details all the way up to the entire event, in an exciting, persuasive, cost effective production which will help you generate and close business.

         DELTA MAX PRODUCTIONS can produce your event, and all the arrangements and logistics for small to large Seminars. 

      From a morning Sales Seminar all the way to a several day recognition event.

           We'll work with your Show or Production team as appropriate, or do it completely ourselves with our team and supporting contractors.

           We'll can arrange for a wide variety of supporting personalities as speakers, models, acts, and shows.

           Your customers and prospects will be impressed with your company, its image and its selling message. 

     Our speakers can present your sales program's product/services advantages in a kick-off/finale to your own presentation sales team.

          Working with speaker bureaus, talent, and model agencies, we can provide the very best of everything to your event at a surprisingly low relative cost.

          Your event can take place in Tahiti or your cafeteria, or anywhere in between.

     DELTA MAX PRODUCTIONS can provide all or a significant part of the management and detailed work and planning needed to make it not just successful, but memorable.

Employee Events and Conferences

     Employee Events, it should be remembered, are sales events, too!

    You communicate your feeling about your valued employees by how and in what manner you honor and recognize both your stars and contributors at all levels.

        A top event will be well worth the comparatively small expense, and a shoddy one, well, ... don't ask. 

   The DELTA MAX PRODUCTIONS showbiz tradition has been expanded in recent years. 

   We are regularly engaged to work with top quality professional agencies and firms in participating in your Event, and as Consultants to the Event Management.

  The Employee Recognition Event is one of your most important morale-building strategies:

        Let's discuss your upcoming Employee Event Plans and help you build a cost-effective Conference, which will help bond your employees to your company.

        As well as being a fun and classy experience for all attendees.



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