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Film, Video, VR Content Production


   Film and Video production are specialties of Delta Max PRoductions ,

MAX        .... and our first love.

    The Productions Division of our company is daily involved with:

  •         Hollywood Studios

  •         Television Networks

  •         Cable

  •         Special Effects

  •         Virtual and Immersive Reality

  •         Electronic Games

    We are always active in developing projects for several of these companies, from Feature Films to CD-ROM games, and everything in-between.

   We can Executive Produce Studio-quality feature films with large budget and aggressive timeframe constraints.

   We also consult with selected top technical companies who need to interface with the Entertainment Industry.

        Or, need a agent to provide good communication, program feedback, and industry cultural advice.

   Often this includes critiquing product, service and promotional plans in advance.

        As well as reviewing and evaluating entire concept marketing plans, and best entry alternatives.


    Broad Spectrum of Concept and Project Knowledge

        Delta Max PRoductions contains a vast experience base, ranging from:

            Huge Entertainment Industry Feature Film Projects, to

            Small Corporate Business Meeting Presentations and Productions, as well as

       This experience and expertise can be brought to bear on virtually any content production need or issue you may be facing.

         Developing a project, and want both creative and technical advice and production capability?

            Delta Max PRoductions can provide you with arguably the best talent in the world.

        Creating an important presentation on a business graphics package, such as PowerPoint or FreeLance Graphics?

            We would be delighted to help by creating a real knockout, killer show.

        Considering a Virtual Reality concept?

            Anything from a fly-through of a not-yet-built building to a heart-pounding full motion 3D ride through outer space.

        We provide management and creative elements consultation to your production company or entity.

        If you have a:

            CD-ROM game concept,

            Television documentary,

            Streaming media customer access or E-Commerce site,

            Customer promotion, or

            Internal Conference,

        we can assist you with any and/or all aspects of the design and production.


     Delta Max PRoductions  is the company that can work with you at every stage of your project:





            Enhancing and

            Final production,

                    to make it highly successful, and achieve your objectives.

            We are, after all, the "Content Convergence Company."

    Robert Swanson

        Since his long and successful career at IBM, Robert Swanson, CEO of Delta Max PRoductions:

            Has written 7 feature films, 3 of which currently are in active consideration or development at a major film studio, and

            Is the author of hundreds of technical and creative content articles which have been published in many magazines and newsletters

         Robert has the following formal education:

            BSEE degree in Computer Electronics Engineering (Michigan State),

            MBA in International Marketing and Finance (University of Southern California), and

            MFA in Motion Picture Production (University of Southern California).

        He's formerly President of Digital Productions, whose world-famous staff produced 3D graphics sequences on a Cray Supercomputer for:

                 "THE LAST STARFIGHTER",



                 "THE ICE PIRATES",

                 "FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR,


                 "LOOKER", and

                        many other films.

    Recently, he has consulted for:

        Arenas Grooup



        Avnet Partner Solutions,


        Ingram Micro,

        Evans & Sutherland,

        Most of the major Hollywood Studios, and

                  many other world-class firms and organizations.

    Often, he is asked to provide an executive interface for:

        The unique technically-driven, sales cultures of the computer and high-tech industries, with

        The unique creatively-driven, conceptual cultures of the major Entertainment Industry companies and services.

    He regularly lectures at many of Southern California's major universities on:

        Film Production,


        Special Effects,

                as well as the overall Business of Entertainment.


Choosing Delta Max PRoductions:

    There are several unique and key benefits from choosing our company as your project partner:

  •         You receive both Project Integration and Management Resources from one supplier,

  •         We understand How to Produce and How to Converge Cultures like very few other companies

  •         This understanding of your environment and culture eliminates many problems for you,

  •         It saves you lots of money and time, and produces a top quality Project or Picture

  •         Our industry contacts insure that your project will have top talent applied to it, and

  •         You can count on it being done right, on time, and on budget.

    Contact us for more information about our Film and Video Production consulting, capabilities and services.


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